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On behalf of the Women’s Mentoring Network, I am writing to highly recommend the services of Dale Carnegie Training of Western CT.   The clients of Women’s Mentoring Network have been provided with training on several occasions.  I know that each time the representative from Dale Carnegie Training of Western CT presented, ever person in the room that attended the session was provided with valuable information that will help succeed in the future.  The sessions were thought-provoking since the clients of Women’s Mentoring Network were provided with different strategies to help them on the right path to achieving their goals.   The sessions also provided them with skills on how to interact with professionals.  The skills provided in the sessions have helped to empower the women we work with by providing the support needed to give them confidence.

The instructor’s style of presenting was top notch.  Ro-Zanne, the instructor, had an effective speaking style, she engaged the audience and she was open to any and all questions.   We look forward to working with her again.

I would like to thank Dale Carnegie Training of Western CT for providing its services to Women’s Mentoring Network.

Lana Gifas

Executive Director, Women’s Mentoring Network, Inc.



Today I stood up in front of a large group for the first time since the training.  And while I think I was okay in front of a group before, this was the first time I had (a) all butterflies flying in formation beforehand and (b) my voice didn't shake at all even after I got started which was always a frustration because I didn't think I was nervous yet my body betrayed me publicly! 

I felt the information flowed out easily and I didn't hesitate to make eye contact, ask for questions to ensure engagement and add some humor & smiles when it seemed appropriate. And I finished 10 minutes early!

The HIP was valuable to me that day and afterwards when I reviewed the videos - but today really proved just how much of an impact the experience had. I'm looking forward to bringing the class to Cartamundi.....

Thank you! :)




"It is with great privilege that I endorse Bob Dickson and his team at Dale Carnegie.  Over the years, there have been numerous training vehicles that have been spearheaded and designed by Dale Carnegie to support employee development. The DC team takes the time to understand the company’s culture and the engagement necessary to deliver effective training and coaching programs.  


Bob Dickson has personally been involved in many of the design features from the onset and is a great asset to the HR professional seeking the training and development needs for their company.


I look forward to our continued business relationship."


Janis DiFalco

Vice President, Human Resources





Bob and his team at Dale Carnegie – Get IT! I recently competed the leadership course lead by Bob. I learned a tremendous amount and was surrounded by a group of very eager students, providing a dynamic atmosphere which allowed an excellent exchange of ideas. Bob gave us things we could take back and implement into our Connecticut IT services business the next day! Great class and great instruction – I highly recommend.

Tom McDonald CEO at NSI (http://www.nsiserv.com/)

102 Great Hill Rd, Naugatuck, CT 06770



“My grandfather actually took the Dale Carnegie Course with Dale Carnegie himself as instructor in 1937; he credited the course with providing him the people skills to become a successful lawyer. In my youth I followed the path and took the Dale Carnegie course, and in fact worked for Dale Carnegie. The confidence I built from Dale Carnegie enabled me to build a career I never could have imagined — interviewing the top CEOs in America on my national radio show.


Recently my son took the Dale Carnegie Course. He was fortunate to have Ro Zanne Ho as his instructor. Ro Zanne is a true master of building confidence and people skills. I was amazed how with in 3 days she truly knew the unique essence of each participant. I have come to believe that the Dale Carnegie Course is a true game changer in life and can open the door for anyone to control their destiny … and those who have Ro Zanne as an instructor will move down the path to achieve their potential that much quicker.”


Robert Reiss
Host & CEO, The CEO Show




"I got involved in the Dale Carnegie teenage program while in high school. After attending the program, I received complements from my family about how much I grew. I experienced growth in my social skills and confidence which helped me to become a better leader and improved my grades. Not only did the program teach me essential skills, but I also had a great time learning these skills. I enjoyed the program so much and found the skills so beneficial that I returned to be a Graduate Assistant for both the teen and college program. Now I use the Dale Carnegie principles every day in both my schooling and daily life. I would highly recommend this program to high school and college students looking to improve their communication and leadership skills."


Madison, CT




“I enthusiastically recommend Dale Carnegie Teen Training for any person who is age eligible.  Dale Carnegie has a long and successful track record of helping people unlock their potential to make the most of their lives and to make life better for those around them.  My son Paul recently took the course and it was a game changer for him.  I knew he had so much potential that just needed the focus and motivation that this course instills.  Since taking the course, he’s been pro-actively paving a path for himself that I know will bring him satisfaction and success. 


His instructor, Ro Zanne Ho has an amazing ability to connect with each participant.  She had been with participants only a few days and spoke of each one of them with the compelling insight and empathy of a lifelong friend.


This course is a wise investment and one of the best things you can do for your child.”







"My son recently attended the program: Dale Carnegie for Young Adults, and I couldn't speak more positively about his experience. What a fantastic approach to developing skills in communication, leadership and stress management, and most definitely, in self-confidence, in our young people.  Each exercise over the 3 day period was dedicated to positioning students out of their comfort zone, while being positively motivated and encouraged for their risk-taking by their gifted instructor.  Ro-Zanne had great insight into each student's developmental needs, personalizing each exercise to the student, bringing out capabilities and strengths they didn't know they had.   What a gift to have at a young age, to know you can put yourself out there and land on your feet.  Our son looks forward to returning next year as one of the course's Graduate Assistants.  A high quality program."


Mark McGowan

EVP Operations

Ahold USA




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Dale Carnegie Course

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"Lessons learned through Dale Carnegie help us keep a more harmonious and productive atmosphere between our employee's and clients. As a result, the bottom line is affected." Managing Partner, Lenders & Financial Company

Leadership Training for Managers

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"Dale Carnegie was an eye opening experience on how I can improve on working with people, delegating and appreciating other's work." Practice Manager, Enterprise Systems Company

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Danbury Plumbing Supply Co. & Creative Bath
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"I am in the process of making MAJOR changes for myself and my staff. We are all going to be switching over to the Carnegie method of sales.... I have listened to the CD (Sales Advantage) 3 times...... Today we had an appointment with a new prospect and while I was not able to do the complete presentation; the interview portion of the meeting uncovered some gems that will work to our advantage! Thanks so much for a fun and valuable experience." - D.Symonds, Owner ProShred

High Impact Presentations

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Connolly Consulting
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"I now feel I understand the value of an organized presentation and know how to project a strong positive image." President, Consulting Company

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